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The Oliver-Drake Company
11 Clinton Street
Morristown, NJ 07960

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Why Choose Oliver Drake

Our competitive service fees provide you with the services of a reputable, established company. We are always investing in the quality of our company through the following:

  • Insurance: Trucks, Liability, Fire, Theft, Property, Workers Compensation, Unemployment, Vehicle, etc.

  • Training: Specialized Training, Lectures, Course Refreshers, Subscriptions, Certifications

  • Trucks & Equipment: Test Equipment, Snakes, Sewer Cleaning Machines, Special Tools, Phones, Fleet Maintenance, GPS Equipment, Tools, Decals

  • Stock: Replacement Parts and Inventory

  • Business Expenses: Legal Counsel, Recruitment, Licensing, Trade and Association Memberships, Vehicle Depreciation, Charitable Donations, Building Repairs, Bad Debts, Collections, Etc.

  • Top Notch Employees - Techs, Managers, Office Help: Salary, Benefits, Bonuses, Vacation, Sick, Healthcare, Holiday Pay

11 Clinton St   |   Morristown NJ 07960   |   973-539-8292   |   Lic. #13VH06775700   |  Plumber's License Number 6721
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